Accept credit card payments from anywhere.

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Accept and monitor transactions directly from your mobile device.



    • Accept credit, debit, and ACH payments on the go
    • Instantly email or text your customers receipts
    • Syncs with your accounting software so you can search your customers' pending invoices, pay them off within the app, and post payments back
    • Works with the MP200L to accept EMV chips
    • Encryption and tokenization
    • Available in the App and Google Play store


Save On Processing Costs

Most merchants pay high fees to process mobile transactions. EBizCharge Payment Gateway maximizes interchange discounts and ensures that cards qualify at the lowest rates, guaranteeing cost savings.


PCI Compliance

Because all of the mobile devices we market are powered by our payment gateway, EBizCharge, and feature end-to-end (E2E) encryption and tokenization, you can rest assured that every single one of your transactions will qualify with exactly the same security level as if you ran them from your office.

1. Quick payment, new order, issue refunds, post voice auth.


2. Take payment by credit, debit, and cash.


3. Enter payment information or swipe card.


4. View payment and batch history. 


5. Email receipts, easily issue refunds, and view transaction detail.



Card Swipers

As mobile technologies advance, we recognize the need to manage and accept payments on mobile devices. The following solutions are practical, reliable, and inexpensive, allowing you to focus on your business while maximizing your revenue potential. 

All devices come with a lifetime guarantee.

PaySaber Point of Sale device

PaySaber POS Point-of-Sale

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

UPC Barcode Scanner

The PaySaber is more than just a credit card reader–its barcode scanner makes it a complete point-of-sale system, automatically balancing your inventory as well as your general ledger.

A Quick, Integrated Thermal Printer

Print receipts or detailed invoices immediately with the PaySaber POS’s built-in printer, giving your customers added peace of mind.


PaySaber Jack device

PaySaber Jack

Compatible with all Apple and Android devices

Absolute Mobility

The lightest of our mobile devices, the PaySaber Jack is small enough to fit into your pocket, yet gives you the same transaction security with its magnetic stripe reader that you would earn if you processed through your office accounting system–a powerful deal.



PaySaber Clip device

PaySaber Clip

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Clip On, Clip Off

The simple design of the PaySaber Clip allows merchants to “clip” it on and easily “clip” it off when necessary– perfect for the merchant on the go. The Clip’s simple design holds it firmly in place and makes swiping cards as easy as ever.

Any Mobile Apple Device You Choose

Whether you use an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or an iPad, the Clip can easily attach onto any of them–even with their cases on.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. True Mobility

The PaySaber Jr. is small enough to fit in your briefcase, yet stands upright as well, making it a perfect choice for mobile vendors with limited counter space. It earns the same transaction security levels with it as if processing from your office, making it a powerful addition to any mobile business.


PaySaber R240i device

PaySaber R240i

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices

A Bluetooth Solution

The R240i provides a simple way to run credit card transactions and print paper receipts remotely via bluetooth. Portable enough to fit in your pocket, the device still garners the same transaction security you would find processing directly through your accounting system.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Since the R240i is not phone-dependent, you can use it to power transactions and print receipts on multiple mobile devices if necessary. 


PaySaber PayDock device

PaySaber PayDock

Compatible with iPad

This robust iPad enhancement is portable, yet perfect for any brick-and-mortar office or retail environment, taking advantage of the iPad’s larger screen. Although very lightweight, the PaySaber Dock’s sturdy design of hardened polycarbonate ensures long-term use and reliability. The Dock is accompanied by a table stand and power supply. Unique Functionality The PaySaber Dock is unique in that it is supported by secure and scalable mobile APIs for third-party app development. This single point of entry allows clients to focus on front-end development while benefiting from an accelerated mobile cloud service for either browser- or native-based apps.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the payment application secure?

EBizCharge utilizes the latest in payment security and fully meets rigorous specifications set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Encryption and Tokenization prevents card information from being stored in its original format, drastically reducing legal and financial liabilities.

What support options do you provide?

We back up our solutions with a strong U.S. based in-house support team that’s available to you 24/7 at no extra charge. We also provide a complementary Chargeback Management team and Relationship Manager as your personal point of contact.

How much does it cost?

The app is completely free. To save money on your processing fees, please contact us for a free cost savings analysis. We guarantee the software will save you money on processing costs.

How can I get a demo?

The demos are short between 10-30 minutes. To get a free, no obligation demo of our EBizCharge mobile solutions please contact us by filling out a form.



Download the free EBizCharge Mobile App for your iOS device.



EBizCharge software currently provides over 10,000 merchants a safer and more cost effective way to accept payments. We are proud to be one of the very few solutions providers to offer our clients complete service including consultation, savings analysis, install, and 24/7 in-house support.


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