Cloud-Based Payment Solutions


How does your business process payments?

Since about 78% of purchases are made with debit or credit cards, business owners need to know how to deliver efficient payment solutions to their customers.

Contemporary technology allows businesses to process payments in more modern ways. By using the Internet’s ability to store information in the “cloud”, payments can now be processed from any location with Internet access. 

Whether you’re looking for new cloud-based payment solutions, or just want to learn more about the one you have, let’s consider a couple of options: virtual terminals and payment gateways.


A Virtual Terminal:

  •          Is a web based Point of Sale (POS) system that allows businesses to process credit card payments virtually
  •          Can be accessed from any computer.
  •          Inputs cardholder information and runs transactions manually.
  •          Requires no additional software.


A Payment Gateway:

  •          Is a cloud based credit card processing terminal.
  •          Links transactions to credit card networks for approval from acquiring banks.
  •          Safely houses credit card records.
  •          Uses stored information to process future transactions without having to input duplicate data
  •          Can be integrated into existing software.  
  •          Uploads multiple transactions and processes daily batches. 


What’s the Right Solution for my Business?

According to, only 9% of Americans still prefer to pay with cash, while 35% would rather use a credit card.

A businesses can determine its needs for cloud-based payment solutions based on the amount of credit cards it processes.

If a business only runs a small number of cards, and doesn’t mind manually entering credit card information for each transaction, virtual terminals might be a viable option.

When a business processes multiple transactions, manages recurring accounts, and has a list of customers on terms, a payment gateway might be more beneficial.

Payment gateways are ideal for businesses that process transactions electronically, while virtual terminals are used mainly by merchants.

A payment gateway allows businesses to accept payments online. It also allows for software integration, batch settling, unlimited transaction history and more secure payment tokenization.

A virtual terminal can be used for transactions processed over the phone or for telephone orders.



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